Resume of Claudia Kunin

Claudia Kunin was born August, 1954 in Los Angeles, California


Bachelor of Science in Psychology, University of Oregon, 1976


Contemporary Works, Chalfont, Pennsylvania


Camera Work:  Spring/Summer 2006, 3D “Ghost Stories”
Eyemazing:  November, 2007, “Holy Ghost Stories
Focus Magazine:  April, 2008, “Holy Ghost Stories”
B&W + Color Magazine, Sept. 2011, Sunstruck, Southern Californian Expressionism


2019 I.C.P Fine Art Moving Stills, 2nd Place for Nadar Trio In 3-D
2014 Best Experimental Film at the BeFilm Festival in NYC for “Spectre Of Memory”
2014 Ray Zone Award for Innovation and 2nd place overall at the Los Angeles 3D Film Festival, for “Spectre Of Memory.” 
2010 Prix de la Photographie Paris, First Place Fine Art for “3D Family Ghost Stories”
2007 Ghost N.S.A./I.S.U conference, First Prize for “3D Holy Ghost Stories”


The Smithsonian Institute, the Museum of Photographic Arts,  The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, and the Getty Research Institute. The archive of Claudia Kunin will be housed in the Smithsonian Institute’s Museum of American History as part of the History of American Photography collection.


NOVEMBER, 2018, Bry-sur-Marne, France,
"Five Animated Daguerreotypes In 3-D", The Villa Daguerre

SEPTEMBER, 2018, New York, New York,
"Five Animated Daguerreotypes In 3-D", The Daguerreian Society

OCTOBER, 2017,  San Diego, California
"Drift" and "Scenes From A Childhood", Digital Gym/Medium Photography Festival

NOVEMBER, 2016, Los Angeles, California
"Hidden In Plain Sight", The Annenberg Space For Photography

NOVEMBER, 2015, Vienna, Austria
"Spectre Of Memory", The Jewish Museum of Vienna

NOVEMBER, 2015, New York, New York
"Spectre Of Memory", The Austrian Cultural Forum

APRIL, 2015  Odessa, Ukraine
“Spectre Of Memory” & “Scenes From A Childhood”,  Odessa Film Studio

APRIL, 2015  Odessa, Ukraine
Claudia Kunin:  A Retrospective, Odessa Museum Of Literature

MARCH, 2015 Los Angeles, California
“Spectre Of Memory”, Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

MARCH, 2015 New York, New York
“Spectre Of Memory” & “Scenes From A Childhood”  , The School for Visual Arts

MARCH, 2015 New York, New York
“Spectre Of Memory” & “Scenes From A Childhood”, The Penumbra Foundation

MARCH, 2015 New York, New York
“Spectre Of Memory” & “Scenes From A Childhood”, LISA Salon For Arts And Technology

MARCH, 2015 Los Angeles, California
“The Spectre Of Memory”, presentation to the Academy at the Linwood Dunn Theater

AUGUST, 2014 Los Angeles California
“Spectre Of Memory”,  The Museum of Jurassic Technology

SEPTEMBER 24TH - SEPTEMBER 30TH, 2010 New York, New York
“3D Family Ghost Stories”, The Salmagundi Club

AUGUST 22 – NOVEMBER 7, 2010 Richmond, Virginia
“3D Family Ghost Stories”, 12 12 Gallery

APRIL 4 - JUNE 4, 2008 Palo Alto, California
“3D Holy Ghost Stories”, Modern Book Gallery

FEBRUARY 21 - MARCH 30, 2008 Portland, Oregon
“3D Holy Ghost Stories”, 3D Center of Art & Photography

NOVEMBER 2005, Los Angeles, California
“3D Ghost Stories”, Museum of Jurassic Technology

NOVEMBER 10, 2004 – NOVEMBER 14, 2004 Newport, Rhode Island
“Ghost Stories 2”, The Daguerreian Society

NOVEMBER 15, 2003 – JANUARY 17, 2004 Los Angeles, California
“Ghost Stories”, Michael Dawson Gallery

MARCH 1 – MARCH 31, 2003 Santa Monica, California
The God Bless America Road Show, Bergamot Cafe

JANUARY 3 – FEBRUARY 4, 2003 Abilene, Texas
Revenant, Abilene Center for the Arts

SEPTEMBER 21 – NOVEMBER 24, 2001 Los Angeles, California
Revenant, Michael Dawson Gallery

APRIL 1 – MAY 1, 2000 Los Angeles, California
Journey, Roark Gallery

FEBRUARY 2 – MARCH 2, 1999 Los Angeles, California
Innocence, Roark Gallery

JANUARY 24– MARCH 24, 1991 Los Angeles, California
Living Legends, The Largo

OCTOBER 10 – NOVEMBER 10, 1984 Santa Monica, California
Claudia Kunin, Los Angeles Center for Photography


NOVEMBER 2022, Paris, France
Paris Photo, Vintage Works Gallery

OCTOBER 2022 - JANUARY 2023, Hamilton, Ohio
"Unusual Characters: Portraits and the Modern Eye", Fitton Center for the Creative Arts

JULY 2022 - AUGUST 2022, Santa Ana, California
"Surrealism Now", O C C C A  Gallery

MARCH 2018 - JANUARY 2020, San Diego, California
“Hidden Worlds", Museum of Photographic Arts

JULY 28 - JULY 29, 2018, Los Angeles, California
"Left Out, Right Out", Exhibit A Gallery

SEPTEMBER - DECEMBER, 2017, Corpus Christi, Texas
"The Digital Darkroom", Art Museum of South Texas

MARCH 2017 - OCTOBER, 2017, San Diego, California
"Seeing Is Believing", Museum of Photographic Arts

MAY 2016 - OCTOBER, 2016, San Diego, California
"Beauty And The Beast - The Animal In Photography", Museum of Photographic

APRIL, 2014 New York, New York
“The Spectre Of Memory”, BeFilm Festival

APRIL 23, 2013- APRIL 27, 2013 New York, New York
“The Mommy Chapters”, BeFilm Festival

DECEMBER 15, 2011- MAY 28, 2012 Los Angeles, California
“Digital Darkroom”, Annenberg Space for Photographic Arts

MARCH 24 – APRIL 19, 2012 Los Angeles, California
“Beyond The Image”, KGB Gallery

FEBRUARY 2 – FEBRUARY 28, 2011 Santa Barbara, California
“Sunstruck”, Wall Space Gallery

SEPTEMBER 17, 2010- SEPTEMBER 20, 2010 Tokyo, Japan
“Tokyo Photo”, presented by the Museum of Photographic Arts

MAY 2 – JUNE 6, 2010 Richmond, Virginia  
“Minds Wide Open”,  12 12 Gallery

APRIL, 2010 Santa Monica, California
“Another Nude Show”,  Robert Berman Gallery

FEBRUARY 6, 2010-JUNE 6, 2010 San Diego, California
California “State Of Mind”,  Museum of Photographic Arts

SEPTEMBER 12 - OCTOBER  18, 2009 Bry-sur-Marne, France
“Ghost Stories, L’Exhibition Heritages de Daguerre, Adrien Mentienne Museum

SEPTEMBER 12 - OCTOBER 8, 2009 Sag Harbor, New York
Icons, Oracles & Ruins, Benson-Keyes Art Gallery

MARCH 12 - SEPTEMBER 6, 2009 Portland, Oregon
1 Brain + 2 Eyes = 3D, Oregon Historical Society

JANUARY 2008 Los Angeles, California
The 3D Show, Black Maria Gallery

DECEMBER 2007   Miami, Florida
Basel-Miami Art Fair, AIPAD Show

OCTOBER 2007   Los Angeles, California
City of Secrets, The Rec Center Studio

JULY 2007   Boise, Idaho
Large Scale 3D images, N.S.A./I.S.U. conference, First Place Winner

OCTOBER 2, 2006 – NOVEMBER 18, 2006 San Francisco, California
Ghosts in the Machine, SF Camerawork

MAY 3, 2006 – JUNE 24, 2006 New York, New York
Noble Processes, in a Digital Age, John Stevenson Gallery

MAY 12, 2005 – AUGUST 25, 2005 New York, New York
New Art: Redefining the Photograph, John Stevenson Gallery

DECEMBER 5, 2004 – FEBRUARY 13, 2005 Los Angeles, California
Eye of the Camera, Five Viewpoints, Platt Gallery, University of Judaism

DECEMBER 1999 – JANUARY 2000 Los Angeles, California
Millennia, Perfect Exposure Gallery

In the past, before devoting herself solely to her fine art, Claudia pursued a career in commercial photography. A partial client list includes:

A.T. & T., American Express, Wells Fargo, Concorde Pictures, Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, Ford Motor Co., Sprint Communications, Rolling Stone, Martha Stewart, William Morrow, and Penguin Books, amongst uncountable various publications.

For more information, please contact Claudia at 323-661-0351. You can also reach her by e-mail: